North Haven Yacht Club - ( Moorings Available )


Last updated

29 October, 2016

This area is for the use of the members of North Haven Yacht Club only


bulletLink to Club's CCTV camera

You will need an ID and password to access the Club's CCTV camera and should use the system for as short a time as possible to allow others to use it. 

If the camera is not pointing directly down the jetty it is being accessed by another user.

The camera will automatically return to its home position looking over the Club's moorings after a short period of inactivity, around 1 minute.

When initially accessing the system you may be prompted to download additional software to allow the browser to display the streamed video.

The camera can also be accessed via Smartphones using either Android or Apple operating system phones or by tablets.


Setting Up - Useful links


bulletWindows phones - download the IP CENTCOM tool to view the CCTV camera output via web link


bullet Video on setting up Internet Explorer  - explains how to accept the Active X software required for streaming the video.  On Windows 8 use Internet Explorer in compatibility mode ( IE7 or IE8) and use the browser in desktop version, selected from page tools off the browser app.  If you have Internet Explorer 11 and the CCTV no longer works, access the CCTV and then go into Internet Explorer menu for Tools, Compatibility View Settings and add the website address.  The CCTV should then work as usual.


bulletThe CCTV will not work with Microsoft Edge, the browser on Windows 10.  To access the system you will need to use Internet Explorer which is still available on Windows 10 and follow the instructions above.


If you connect to a LILIN camera using Firefox or another browser that is not Internet Explorer you may experience an issue where the video never shows and you only see a video window with a QuickTime logo and the video never loads.

To get the video working please follow the steps below:

Please download and install the latest version of Apple QuickTime.
Please download and install the latest version of Java.

Once the latest version of QuickTime has been installed:

Open QuickTime --> edit --> preferences --> QuickTime preferences.

Select the advanced tab at the top.

Under the advance tab please select 'transport setup'. Under this please selected 'http' and select the port ID to 'custom'. Under custom please enter port 81.

This should now show you video in Firefox and other browsers that use QuickTime.


bullet Link for app for Apple Smartphones  - paid for version
bullet Link for app for Android Smartphones - free version


When setting up apps the camera make is a Merit Lilin and the camera type is an H.264 D1 CameraCCTV Control Panel

When using a PC to access the CCTV you should get a control panel to the right of the screen.

The top row of buttons gives various methods of steering the camera.  180 button turns the camera 180 degrees. 

The grid button shows the arrow keys as displayed here. 

The three other buttons give alternative ways to steer the camera.

The arrow keys when displayed direct the camera and the number in the middle is the amount moved.  The smaller the number the finer the degree of accuracy.

Wide and Tele move the lens in and out.  Magnification goes from 1x to 35 x optical zoom.

The camera normally runs on auto iris for exposure and autofocus for focus.  However the + and - buttons can be used to manually adjust both exposure and focus.

Presets 1 to 4 cover the view on 1 x magnification across the front of the clubhouse with Preset 2 being the home position looking straight down the jetty.