North Haven Yacht Club  - Moorings Currently Available

(Golden Jubilee Year 1965 to 2015)




Last updated

21 February, 2016

Club MMSI Register


Boat Name

MMSI Number

Call sign

Peter Brown Karenzi 235061662 2AOS5
Keith Colwell Wishful 235062961  
Fred Cottee Zilbee 235093093 2FPE5
Ron Elliot Lady of Poole 235115513 2GRP2
Kevin Fry Joie de Vie 235070061 2BWZ5
Bryan Hardy Zingara 3 235052319 MWMZ5
Brent Horder Bobik IV 235074508 MLQB7
John Pottle Opal Spray 235025276 MHMR5
Jeremy Retford Margherita   2BZX2
Barry Swaffield Solange 235034258  
NHYC Mooring Barge Mudlark 235053413 MYWP4
NHYC Water Taxi Albatross 235099422 2GPO2