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16 April, 2016

Hire of the clubhouse - Club Bye Law 2.1.8

The Clubhouse shall be available for hire by Club Members and in some exceptional circumstances by non-members under terms and conditions as set out from time to time by the Committee.  All applications for hire must be in writing on a clubhouse hire form and approved in advance by the Committee.  Club Members must have continued access to the clubhouse throughout the hire period.

The Clubhouse has to be hired if the following applies:-

A social gathering of invited guests especially for pleasure, amusement, or refreshments: e.g.  a birthday/Christmas party etc.

A number of persons invited to a social entertainment; a select company; as, a dinner party; also, the entertainment itself; as, to give a party

The Clubhouse will be hired to members only for personal purposes.  The member who makes the booking is responsible for ensuring that Club rules/polices and practises are followed by all persons present. The member is also responsible for all costs of any damage to any part of NHYC property.

The member hiring the Club must remain on premises throughout and must not under any circumstances lend/give his/her club key to other persons. The member must ensure that the Clubhouse is cleaned thoroughly immediately after use and returned to its original condition.

 High Season – Mid July to the end of August. 

The Clubhouse will not be hired out for any member’s functions whatsoever in this peak use period.

Mid Season - 1st April to Mid July and 1st September to 30th September

The Committee will only consider the hire of the Clubhouse from Mon - Thurs during this period.

Low Season - 1st October - 31st March

The Committee will consider the hire of the Clubhouse on any day during this period

Club activities will always have priority over member’s hire of the Clubhouse.


Any hire is also on the basis that other club members are free to use the Club at anytime.


The maximum number of persons allowed is 80 (including club members)


No amplified music is allowed and a noise limiter is fitted. If the noise created is above the accepted level the electricity will be automatically disconnected. If this happens during a private function the Committee will not be responsible for resetting the electricity.  The reset button is in a locked room.


A list of names of all persons who will be on site during the hire time must be forwarded to the Club Secretary 48 hours in advance as part of the hire conditions.


The Clubhouse must not be used for any commercial activity and no one hiring the Clubhouse can charge an entrance fee to any third party.

No charges for food, alcohol, drinks or any other charges can be made to any persons if the Clubhouse is hired.

 The Committee will only consider hire of the Clubhouse on the above basis. It is at the discretion of the Committee to decide if the Club will be made available for member or private hire. The Committee’s decision is final.

 Members wishing to hire the Clubhouse must complete the Clubhouse Hire Application form at least eight weeks prior to the desired date and forward to the Secretary.

Link to clubhouse hire form    Clubhouse hire application form

Link to copy of the clubhouse hire rules    Clubhouse hire rules