North Haven Yacht Club - ( Moorings Available )



Last updated

02 December, 2018


Kids' Club starts during mid-May and continues till the middle of September and runs on Friday nights between 18:00 and 20:00 hours .

The age range is between 6 and 14 years and the Club has a range of activities available including sit-on kayaking and sailing in Toppers, a Wayfarer, and 3 Bosun sailing dinghies.  Parents are expected to remain at the Club during the session to help keep an eye on their children whilst in the water and in the Club.  Following the activities the kids have the opportunity to shower off and have drinks and a slice of pizza or a hot dog to round off the evening.

All children are required to wear lifejackets or buoyancy aids during the sessions and parents are encouraged to take part and assist in the activities.

The tide and weather plays a part in the number of kids that turn up on the night and the regular attendees have to be congratulated for sheer ‘staying power’ and patience at the start of the season when the sea does not seem to warm.

We focus on the basics of being on the sea with sit-on kayaking and sailing being popular. We also have the Toppers out and once one or two of the youngsters have mastered them, they usually become the seasons favourite, with those who have  not yet learnt to sail them being taken out by those that have.  We also use the Club's Bosuns to take out small parties of kids who have the opportunity to take charge of the ropes under supervision.

At the end of the season there is the Kids' Club American Supper