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Last updated

27 November, 2018

North Haven Yacht Club Tender Information


The Club has a number of swinging tender moorings spread over the areas to the east of the Clubhouse.  The Club also has a number of tender moorings on jetty outhauls and these are available at a higher premium.   The cost of a tender mooring is made up of the Club fee and a tender mooring licence fee which is levied by Poole Harbour Commissioners.


Definition of a tender



Tenders are vessels certified by Clubs or the Harbour Master to be Tenders, not exceeding 4.0m in length, provided that the Owner has paid Harbour Dues on the parent boat and the Tender is permanently marked and used as ‘Tender to Parent Boat’ and is NOT a dual purpose boat



Members who fail to comply with these requirements will be asked to remove the tender from the Club mooring


Tender moorings



If a Club member disposes of his / her boat they must relinquish their tender mooring unless in the process of purchasing another boat.  In this case the Club Secretary and Mooring Officer must be informed.



Please note that there is no right of transfer of a tender mooring to another Club member even if the original member’s main boat is sold within the Club. 



If the tender mooring is no longer required it must go back to the Mooring Officer for re-allocation to the next person on the waiting list.



Tender moorings are for the use of the person paying the tender mooring fee and must not be sub-let.




Please make sure that your dinghy is kept empty of water to prevent undue wear and tear on the tender moorings and the vessels fittings.  Tenders that break adrift often get damaged in the process and may also cause damage to other member’s boats.  In either case you are liable for any damage caused.