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Last updated

07 April, 2016

Winter Moorings

Your club mooring is only paid for up to the end of October so if you wish to book a winter mooring for even one month or the full winter, please contact the Mooring Officer during October so that arrangements can be made to check out the moorings in case they need any maintenance before the winter period. 


The moorings used during the winter tend to be closer to the jetty for safety reasons and the Mooring Officer may request that you move to a different mooring if you book for the whole winter.


You will be given two weeks grace only at the end of October and you will then be invoiced for the month of November at the current winter rate.


In November, the Mooring Officer will check all boats still moored and the Club Treasurer will then issue bills for the winter period.  For the purposes of billing a month's fee is due for either a full or part month that the mooring is occupied.


The winter rate is set as part of the Club's annual fees review in December and will be published at the Annual General Meeting.