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May 16, 2020 COVID-19

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Guidance update

Following changes to the government restrictions on travel and changes to the guidance on access to green spaces Mariners are hereby advised that, in accordance with the latest government guidance, recreational vessel owners are permitted to use their vessel in Poole Harbour for marine leisure activities as part of their daily exercise and recreation away from their homes.

Poole Harbour Commissioners have advised that they have received additional guidance and clarification from the government that marinas can now be re-opened.  They state that “This is primarily a matter for the marina operators to decide but if it can be done safely following social distancing guidelines, then it should be possible.”

The guidance also makes it clear that you must stay at your primary residence therefore overnight stays on your vessel are not permitted.  Please see the latest post from Poole Harbour Commissioners regarding Marine Leisure Activities Update from the Harbour Master dated 14/05/2020 for more information:-


As a result of the latest advice the Committee has been reviewing the current guidance from the RYA regarding restarting boating activity and managing Covid-19 and a number of changes are being made to the club over this weekend including a one way system being put in place on the upper walkway and clear markings of 2 metre distances will be put on the walkway and jetty so that social distancing can be observed at all times.  Additional signage will also be provided to encourage correct social distancing and hygiene.  The furniture on the upper deck will not be in use and the lower deck area will remain closed off at this time except as a passage to the T piece.   The outboard tank will also be out of use.

Personal protection equipment

Gloves should be worn at all times when on club premises along with masks if considered appropriate and these should be taken home after use.  These items must be provided by the club members themselves.  The club will provide antibacterial and hygiene products in various areas as appropriate and when people use the hygiene equipment provided by the club the used items should be taken home and not left on club premises.


The clubhouse will be partially open to give access to the disabled toilet only so that club members can have hot water washing facilities and access to hygiene products.  As the club falls under the same category as cafes, bars and restaurants the rest of the clubhouse will remain off limits and a barrier system will be in place to ensure that this is observed.  This situation will be reviewed on a regular basis as government guidance changes.



Parking Permits

BCP have now opened the car parks and parking charges are back in force. 

The club’s parking permits will be available inside the clubhouse and the same procedure for using them will apply including the permit logbook but with the additional requirement that any permit used is wiped down with an antibacterial wipe before and after use to minimise the chances of possible infection.

These permits are only to be used when accessing the Club or boats as usual.


The changes being put in place are to enable club members to put their boats on club moorings with effect from Monday 18thMay.  

Club members wishing to put their boats on club moorings must contact the Mooring Officer, David Segal, via or mobile 07769 731661 to check that the mooring is ready for use and to agree a date for the boat to come down so that social distancing can be observed.

Club members with private moorings can put their boats on their own moorings as soon as they wish but if using club tenders they must comply with the club’s hygiene requirements as below.

Water Taxi

At this point in time there is no plan to run the water taxi due to hygiene and social distancing requirements and this will be reviewed as government guidance changes.  Access to club moorings will either need to be via the club’s tenders or club members own tenders if available.

Club tenders

Club members will have access to the four club tender’s and oars and these must be washed down or wiped each time after use to minimise the chances of possible infection.  Gloves must be worn when in a Club tender and only one person at a time is allowed in the tender unless from the same household

The tenders should be used for the minimum amount of time to allow access for other club members.

It is very important to wear a life jacket when using any tender. It’s unlikely there will be anyone at the club to help in a man overboard situation and wearing a lifejacket or flotation aid could save a life

Club sailing dinghies / kayaks/paddleboards

The club sailing dinghies, kayaks and paddleboards will not be available at this phase of restarting club activity but this situation will be reviewed at a later date.

Reporting Covid-19 symptoms

Should you or a member of your family display or develop Covid-19 symptoms please notify the Club Secretary by email ( by phone to 07962 204312.

In order that the club can notify members in the event of someone developing Covid-19 symptoms please make sure that your contact details on DutyMan are up to date by logging into the system and selecting the profile tab.  Check and update your details as appropriate making sure to save any changes. 

This notification will be anonymous and will not mention the club member concerned.





What water-based activities can I take part in?


  • All forms of water sports practicedon open waterways, including sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, rowing, kayaking, surfing, paddle-boarding and the use of privately-owned motorised craft (in line with the guidance issued by the relevant navigation authority) are allowed.
  • You may participate in water-based activities as an individual, household group, or as a pair of two people from different households who are socially distancing (i.e. you should keep 2 metres apart). For example, it would not be possible to form a ‘double’ canoe or kayak or rowing boat with someone from outside your household because it would be impossible when doing so to follow social distancing guidelines.
  • As longer trips outdoors generally are allowed from Wednesday 13 May, owners of both private and commercial boats can now make day visits to their moored boats in marinas and elsewhere to ensure they are properly maintained.

If travel generally no longer has to be essential, can I go to visit my private boat to sit on it and enjoy the sunshine?

  • People are permitted to travel to make day visits to their private boats in marinas and elsewhere to sit in them with their household only, subject to being careful and staying away from other users and houseboats in line with social distancing guidelines.

Can I now go and stay on my boat overnight or for a few days?

  • The guidance on staying at your primary residence still applies, so no overnight visits to private boats or for extended stays are permitted.

Can I go on my private boat with someone from a different household if we stay two metres apart?

  • On small private boats it would not be possible to be in the same boat with someone from outside of your household because it would be impossible when doing so to follow social distancing guidelines.
  • On larger private boats, where possible we recommend that you avoid sharing a boat with a person from a different household. If you do share a boat with someone outside of your household, then where possible, you should stay at least two metres apart – and it should only be with one other person. Cleaning protocols should be put in place to limit coronavirus transmission on boats. It is advised that touchpoints (e.g. handrails) should be particular areas of focus for increased cleaning. Frequent cleaning of boats, using your usual cleaning products, is advised. As is removing waste and belongings from boats when finishing a day- trip.

Will marinas re-open to allow people to visit their boats and carry out essential maintenance?

  • Marinas may re-open to allow people to visit their boats to carry out maintenance, ensuring appropriate measures are in place to follow social distancing guidelines.

 Am I allowed to walk around marinas, as well as access my boat to sit on?

  • This is primarily a matter for the marina operators to decide, but if it can be done safely following social distancing guidelines then it should be possible.

Am I allowed remove my boat from the marina for private boating?

  • This is primarily a matter for the marina operators to decide, but if it can be done safely following social distancing guidelines then it should be possible.




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