Member profile: Hamish – Fishing

Hamish and his faithful fisher dog Margot enjoying some of the quality fishing in the harbour a few hundred meters from the clubhouse.

A keen sports waterman and fisherman for over 40 years Hamish is often out in his Warrior 165 perfecting his passion for lure fishing. He’s been a club member for 4 years and finds this 17 footer a great size of boat as it gives him huge flexibility with the tides allowing him to deal with the races of Old Harry or the shallows of the harbour.

Always eager to help and chat he’s a great source of information and advice should you have any fishing (especially lure / spinning  fishing) questions.

Hamish and Caroline are regular and involved members at the club. Margot loves to look for the mullet as they all walk along the T piece and eagerly jumps into the water taxi for a ride.