NHYC Reopening – CV19 Protocol from 19.07.21

Relaxation of Covid regulations from Monday 19 July

In line with the government’s relaxation of the Covid regulations in England, we are now able to remove the restrictions on number of people at the Club from Monday 19 July. The restriction of 30 people outside, 18 people inside the Club ‘lounge’, and the limits in the kitchen, toilets, Bosun’s Store and office will no longer apply.

However, we still require anyone who is showing symptoms of the disease or who has tested positive to STAY AWAY FROM THE CLUB. 

We would also recommend…

·                      Maintaining Social Distancing

·                      Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly and/or use the sanitizing gel/wipes provided.

·                      Wash cutlery and crockery thoroughly (with detergent) – and, of course, in line with normal Club requirements, dry it and replace in the appropriate cupboard/drawer and clean surfaces that you have used.

·                      Stay outside as much as possible

·                      If inside, open sufficient windows and doors to maximize ventilation to create a through-draught.

·                      Wearing a face covering is now optional in the Club or when on the taxi but please remember that a face covering helps reduce transmission not only to you but from you to others as well. Please respect other members’ views on the wearing of a face covering. 

·                      Please continue to sign-in either on the Covid Register or by using the NHS Covid App QR code.

It’s essential for us all to take a responsible attitude to reducing the risk of spreading Covid further so as to limit the likelihood of the re-introduction of restrictions.

We look forward to seeing you at the Club and out on the water. 

Enjoy the rest of the Summer.

Keith Colwell – NHYC H&S Officer