Racing Activities

The Club runs a series of of races at various intervals throughout the season and a Regatta Cup Bay Race towards the end of the season.

Races start times vary but the water taxi will be usually used to get crews to their boats.  

Although the racing is competitive, that is to say that everyone tries to win, it is kept at a light-hearted level and the main aim of the evening is to return to your mooring with the boat and the crew intact!! 

There is also a cup for the series winner which is presented at the Annual General Meeting.

If you are a yacht owner and would like to join in the racing or if you would be interested in crewing in someone else’s yacht please see the details on the club notice board.

There is also a small but very active Catamaran group, mainly Hobies and Darts that regularly race.

Dinghy racing using the club’s sailing dinghies during the summer months is another option and any one who is interested should see the details on the club notice board or the Racing Info page